Bids advertised for Georgetown drainage works

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure has advertised for a series of works to desilt drains in the capital city.

In an advertisement in yesterday’s Guyana Chronicle, the ministry invited bids for the:

-Lot 1, desilting dredging of the Kingston sluice outfall;

-Lot 2, desilting/carting away the inlet channel to the Kingston sluice (concrete lined sections);

-Lot 3, desilting/dredging of the Lamaha Street sluice (outfall);

-Lot 4, desilting and carting away spoil, Lamaha Street sluice inlet (THD workshop tunnel);

-Lot 5, desilting/dredging Sussex Street outfall;

-Lot 6, revetment to Sussex St sluice inlet;

-Lot 7, desilting/excavation, cart away Meadow Bank (Vieira) sluice outfall (create diversion channel).

All bids must be submitted by July 14th at 9 am to: The Chairman, Ministerial Tender Board, Oranpai Towers, Wight’s Lane, Kingston, Georgetown.

The bidding document can be purchased at the Accounts Department, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Fort Street, Kingston, Georgetown.

These works are seen as crucial to preventing the rapid flooding in the city that has occurred during recent heavy rainfall.


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