Carpenter lashed in head, killed

– cops hunting suspect

A carpenter lost his life late Sunday night after allegedly being attacked and robbed by two men on a bicycle.

Ragunandaan Persaud, 27, of Section ‘B’ Nonpareil was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital after relatives heard about the incident, however, he was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

According to a statement issued by the police, the man had been involved in an argument during which he was allegedly beaten about the body with a piece of wood by another man. Although she confirmed that her brother had been involved in an argument at a nearby shop, his sister, Melissa Persaud, gave a different account of what took place.

Ragunandaan Persaud
Ragunandaan Persaud

Melissa related that her brother had left the house around 8.30 on Sunday night, adding that the recount supplied by a male relative who was with Persaud at the time is all the family has to go on.

Based on what she was told by the relative, the woman said that around 10.30 pm her brother and cousin were making their way home when they were attacked by two men on a bicycle. Persaud was reportedly lashed once to the head, with a piece of wood the men had picked up from the corner of the road, rendering him unconscious. The bandits proceeded to relieve the male relative of his bicycle and the contents of his pockets before riding off.

Persaud’s sister claimed that the men reportedly used her brother’s prior argument with the other individual as a cover to attack him and his cousin as they claimed to be relatives of said individual.

However, the individual, who was reportedly held by police, stated that he is not related to the men and has since been released. “The two guys on the bicycle who lash my brother just make it seem like they were relatives of the man and they want to fight back. But it was nothing like that, they just come with the intention of killing my brother,” the sister offered.

“My cousin run when they ride off on the bicycle and come an tell we come fass come fass, two boys jus lash Ryan in he head and he unconscious on the ground,” she added.

She said that when they found Persaud, he was lying face down on the road with an injury to his temple and they rushed him to hospital where he reportedly died on arrival.

The police said several persons have since been questioned and a description of the suspect has been obtained.

Persaud’s sister and father described him as a very easy going person who never got himself involved in trouble. His sister related that his death has left everyone who knew and loved him in a state of shock, since he was a respectable person who was always good to people.

Persaud leaves to mourn his two siblings as well as his father and his mother, who has since been placed on bed rest as she is having a hard time dealing with the loss of her son.

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