Sections of Albouystown flooded

– koker fault suspected

Sections of the Albouystown community were last night hit by another wave of flooding after a suspected koker malfunction.

Less than three weeks after facing the brunt of flooding in the city, James and Hunter streets were under water again. When Stabroek News visited the area last night, there was about 12 inches of water covering the streets; the drains were overflowing.

Residents said the polluted water started to rise in James Street around 7.30 pm and spread across Hunter Street in less than an hour. One resident said he was going into his house early because the water would “itch” and cause breakouts on his skin.

“This ain’t no clean water. If it was clean it wouldn’t have given you itch. I don’t know why no one aint fixing the drainage problem in Albouystown. Is every time the rain fall or the water high we does get flooding,” the resident complained.

Another resident stated that he heard the flooding was caused by a malfunction koker. He stated that for some reason the koker was not draining out the water.

The water in the Sussex Street Canal was also spilling over.


Earlier this month, almost every street in Albouystown was covered in water, and most of the homes with lower flats were inundated. The flooding had caused resident to barricade roadways to stop vehicles from driving through because they created waves that pushed more floodwater into their homes.

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