Two men held for attack on Goed Fortuin family returning from airport

Two men who were positively identified as having participated in a harrowing gunpoint robbery on Sunday of a family that had just returned from the airport are likely to appear in court soon.

Alex Roberts, of Lot 324 Goed Fortuin, Squatting Area, West Bank Demerara was returning home from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri with his wife, his brother-in-law and sister-in-law early Sunday morning when they were held up at gunpoint by four men in front of the gate of their house.

Roberts, who could not recall if he was being followed from the airport, recounted that it was around 1:30am when they arrived home for Father’s Day. He said when he came out of the car to open the gate he saw three men with guns exit a white car. He said the men brandished their guns and yelled for him and his family to hand over money and jewellery.

He recalled being butted in the head with a gun and being ordered to lie on the ground. At that point, he said he heard one of the gunmen yelling at another one to shoot one of the women in the car. “I didn’t know if it was my wife or my sister-in-law but I know he would have shoot if the other one didn’t holler on he and tell he not to kill anyone,” he said.

He said he begged the men not to hurt anyone in the car. The gunmen then stole some US$1750, jewellery, cellphones and two suitcases containing travel documents and clothing.

After they collected the money, Roberts stated that the men jumped into the car and drove away. However, the police were quickly informed of the robbery and traced the car to Georgetown.

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum stated that the vehicle and two of the men were intercepted at Alexander Village. He said the men were positively identified by Roberts and are presently in police custody.

He said that the two men will undergo another identification parade today with other victims in similar robberies.

Roberts identified the men at the Wales Police Station after the vehicle was taken there. He said his brother-in-law has been admitted to a private hospital after having a breakdown following the robbery. His wife, he said, remains traumatized by the entire ordeal and refuses to eat.

Roberts stated that he had heard of many robberies, especially ones involving victims returning from airports but he never expected it would happen to him. “I guess this was my father’s day gift,” he said.

Blanhum said that the steady rise in such robberies has seized the attention of the force and the police have taken actions to set up roadblocks from the CJIA in Timehri to Georgetown. He also stated that the police would also stop suspicious vehicles to make checks.

He said the police will have to increase security for travellers arriving from the airport, especially for tourists.

Last week, US-based Guyanese Seerajie Shivram who returned to Guyana to visit her family was robbed at gunpoint by two gunmen. She was attacked in front of her home in Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara.

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