Supervision sought for East Bank Berbice Road project

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure has advertised for supervision services for the East Bank Berbice Road project.

This road has been the source of years of aggravation for residents.

In an advertisement appearing in the June 21 Sunday Chronicle, the Ministry said the Inter-American Development Bank would be financing the supervision services for the upgrading of the road.

The advertisement said that the scope of the civil works includes the upgrading of the East Bank Berbice Road from Stanleytown to Everton – approximately five km.

This upgrading is intended to accommodate widened travel lanes and shared bicycle/pedestrian lanes.

“The works will involve construction of (a) hard surface bicycle/pedestrian lane, reconstruction of the main carriageway with regularized lane widths, constructing embankments, constructing new road bridges and culverts, traffic signage and road markings and other associated miscellaneous civil works”, the advertisement said.

The total supervision period will be 18 months. Expressions of interest must be submitted by July 7th 2015 to the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board, the Ministry of Finance.

The advertisement was defective as two key addresses were jumbled into one.

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