Suspicious duo seen in Campbellville bar prior to shootout

Two suspicious persons were noticed in Butcher’s Pools Hall and Bar prior to the shooting that claimed a life and injured another on Tuesday night.

The dead man remains unidentified, while Paul Chow, who was injured is in stable condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Owner of the bar Nadira Sancharran said one of her employees noticed two suspicious men in the bar prior to it being closed. “Everyone that comes here and drink are regulars, so we know them all. That night, I could’ve counted all that were here on my hand. When someone is new here, everyone notices it because we know everyone,” Sancharran said. She said one of her employees related to her, after the incident, that he had seen two suspicious men in the bar. She said the two men entered and bought two Guinness, drank them, and left after a short while. Sancharran blasted some reports in the media that suggested her bar was open at the time of the incident. She said her bar was closed since 9:30 that night. She also labelled the reports in the other media as “total nonsense” that suggested there was a scuffle in the bar prior to the incident. She said that while Chow is a regular in the bar, there was no incident that involved him or anyone else. Sancharran said she noticed that Chow was wearing very expensive jewellery that night and might have attracted the eyes of suspected bandits.

The investigations are currently ongoing.

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