D’Urban St wash bay owner abducted, shot

– cops hunting two suspects

A wash bay owner was on Friday night abducted from his business in Georgetown by gunmen who later took him to ‘A’ Field, Sophia where he was shot twice but they were forced to flee on foot after their car ended up in a trench while they were escaping.

Up to press time last evening, Devon Chung, a resident of Guyhoc Park, was still receiving medical attention for the gunshot wounds he sustained to his back and chest.

Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum told Stabroek News in an invited comment that police are looking for two suspects. Stabroek News understands that one of the persons being sought was previously charged with murder and abduction.

Asked about the motive, Blanhum said it is too early in the investigation to say what other factors were involved in the man’s abduction.

Police said in a press release issued yesterday that Chung was in conversation with another man at D’Urban Street and Cemetery Road around 19:10 hrs on Friday when two armed men approached him and held him at gunpoint.

Chung was forced to lie on the ground while the men relieved him of his licensed firearm and ammunition. He was then carried to a waiting motor car which sped away with him.

Chung, according to the police, was transported to Sophia where he was shot twice before being thrown out of the vehicle. The car was later discovered in a trench in the area.

Further, investigations led police to search a house in South Sophia, where a .32 round was unearthed.

A man and a woman have since been arrested.

Chung’s relatives were tight-lipped about the incident and said they had no knowledge of what transpired. At his 142 Guyhoc Park home, a relative related that she had received a message that Chung was shot and she subsequently made her way to the hospital where the shocking news was confirmed.

“I am an elderly person and I don’t know anything that happen… Is since 3 am I left the hospital this morning,” a relative said while she noted that Chung’s condition is fairly stable.

At Chung’s business, none of his employees had any knowledge of the incident. “We don’t know nothing, we just come to work and we can’t say what happen,” one man said.

Chung operates a wash bay at the corner of D’Urban Street and Vlissengen Road. One car was parked in the wash bay when Stabroek News visited, while workmen were congregated in a corner.


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