Crane residents relieved over sea defence work

The higher level of the sea wall

As major sea defence works are set to begin at Crane, West Coast Demerara, residents are relieved that the problem with erosion would finally be rectified.

During a recent visit to the area, residents said that sections of the sea dam have sunk and are “washing away.”

This newspaper observed the sunken wall and another section that was higher, just next to it.

They said too that the structure which is more than 50 years old is due for a repair because the “steel and the sheet piling that hold the concrete are rotten.”

Rice fields are located just in front of the sea and residents said that during the high tide the water would “splash over and flood out the rice.”

They said the erosion had started a long while now and has been affecting from Windsor Forest to Vreed-en-Hoop. Reports were made to the authorities and some sections were fixed temporarily.

Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson recently told Stabroek News that $55 million in emergency relief was recently approved to allow for work to be done at Crane.

Meanwhile, residents of the farming community told Stabroek News that the dams they use in the different villages to access their farms and bring out produce are in deplorable conditions.

Some of the areas they mentioned include; Crane, Harlem, Ruimzigt, and on the West Bank; Nismes and Canal No 1 and 2 Polders.

They hope that the new government would listen to their pleas and construct all-weather roads to reduce their burdens.

According to the residents, there is also need for land for cattle farming and an agriculture bank for farmers to access loans easily.



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