Change imminent to Marriott Hotel parent company – Harmon

Government by the end of yesterday was to make a final decision on the board of Atlantic Hotel Inc (AHI), the special purpose company for the controversial Marriott Hotel, Minister of State Joseph Harmon announced yesterday even as he made it plain that Winston Brassington will be removed as its Chairman.

Harmon who was speaking to members of the media at his post-cabinet press briefing at the Ministry of the Presidency could not say when government is likely to take this step but stressed that “it would happen very soon.”

Last week, Harmon had told reporters that government had no confidence in Brassington who is also the head of government holding company, National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited. He had stopped short of saying that government also wanted to remove him from that position.

Harmon when asked for an update yesterday on the reconstitution of the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), said that all boards are now being considered and that all the ministers have sent in their recommendations.

He said that the NPTAB like many of the other boards will now come under review for consideration during the course of this week.

Harmon then singled out the board of AHI which he said is important and as such would come under direct consideration “before the end of the day”. Stabroek News was unable to get an update subsequently on the decision made in respect to this particular board.

According to Harmon, the people of Guyana must understand that given the fact that this facility was built with funds belonging to them, the ownership will be reflected in a different kind of board. He described it as a “different composition”, adding that it is persons who the public recommends who are going to be in charge of the board until “such time that the government comes up with a final decision as to how to dispose of this asset”. Harmon said that government made it clear that it is not interested in running or getting involved in the hotel business and it is not the business of government to be running any hotel. “The government provides a regulatory and financial framework within which these industries prosper. That is what governments do and that is what we are going to do”, he said.



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