Persaud emphasises guidance at closing of annual police youth camp

Two of the participants proudly showcasing their work

The Guyana Police Force yesterday concluded its annual youth camp, which Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud lauded for continuing to guide youths.

Held under the theme “Working with Youths through community partnership for a safer and secure Guyana,” the camp saw 113 youths from different parts of Guyana participating in a week of activities.

At a small closing ceremony hosted in the compound of the Guyana Women’s Leadership Institute, at Cove and John, East Coast Demerara, Persaud commended the participants as well as caregivers for the dedication showed during the camp. “This youth camp started many, many years ago and to my mind it has developed over the years. Today is one of those examples, not only has it developed in the number of campers it accommodates but also the activities it has lined up for the kids,” Persaud noted.

The main objectives of the camp included teaching life skills, developing interpersonal skills, building self-esteem as well as instilling moral values in the participants.

Persaud noted that the camp brings together children from different parts of Guyana and allows them to interact with each other so as to help them develop proper interpersonal skills.

According to the Commissioner, a lack of proper interpersonal skills is one of the factors that contribute to domestic violence. He explained that some persons haven’t learned how to properly interact with each other in ways that result in peaceful resolutions.

He also highlighted how guidance plays a vital role in moulding the younger generation into model citizens, hence the inclusion of moral education as one of the camp’s objectives.

Apart from the feature address by Persaud, participants treated attendees at the closing to a variety of cultural items, including a fashion show, dances and poems. An arts and craft exhibition showcased the work produced by the youths during the camp.

In offering a brief overview of the camp, Deputy Superintendent Stuart noted that of the 113 participants, 82 were campers while the other 31 were scouts. She added that the camp consisted of a camp mother and 40 ranks who were used for security, communication and medical care and also served as caregivers and scout leaders.

According to several excited participants who spoke with this newspaper, the camp was “fun and exciting.”

Shequeema McCalmont told Stabroek News that she will definitely be returning next year because the camp helped her to interact with others.

Desmond Griffith said the camp helped him learn how to control his temper. He added that he had fun participating in the activities, such as learning how to make tables and chairs and learning how to use a compass. The campers participated in devotional sessions, physical exercise, fabric painting, wood working, garment construction, embroidery, fruit arrangement, canvas craft as well as the creation of table cloths, hand towels, floral arrangements, tie dye patterns and decorative and bridal dolls, among other activities.

They were also afforded the opportunity of being a part of a variety of outdoor games and activities and tours. The camp was coordinated by the Guyana Police Force in collaboration with the Guyana Association of Women Police.



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