Banks DIH launches XM rum on US market

Local beverage giants Banks DIH Limited has launched its XM brand rum products on the United States of America (USA) market through distributors Royal Wine Inc.

According to a press release from Banks DIH, the green light to distribute the XM line of products in the US was recently received after a litigation battle in the courts with its competitors for the use of the word “Demerara” in the XM brand name. Just over a month ago, the launching took place in Richmond Hill, Queens, NY and based on the initial sales, the company has seen positive results.

The XM rum line of products includes Xtra Mature (XM) five-year old, VXO seven-year old, Royal 10-year old, Special 12-year old and Supreme 15- year old.

Among those in attendance at the launching were Banks DIH executives- Chairman, Clifford Reis; Co-Managing Director/ Marketing Director, George Mc Donald; Sales and Marketing Executive, Carlton Joao; Rum Factory Executive Robert Sugdeo.

XM rum brand will now be available for sale in liquor stores, supermarkets and distribution outlets in the US. Currently, the brand is sold across the Caribbean, Spain, Italy, Denmark, France and the United Kingdom. Plans are being made for the XM brand to enter the Canadian market.


Chief Executive Officer of Royal Wine Inc, Mordy Herzog said customers are ready for XM rum in the United States and prior to its launch, many requests were received from persons who were excited about the liquor’s entrance into to US marketplace.

Banks DIH, according to Reis “is committed like Royal Wine Incorporated to foster great relationship with consumers and suppliers for the success of XM in the United States.”

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