17-year-old robber sentenced to 12 months in jail

A 17-year-old was yesterday sentenced to 12 months in jail after a city magistrate found him guilty of armed robbery.

Shane Thompson, who was already serving a 12-month prison sentence for another armed robbery that he had admitted to committing, was sentenced by Magistrate Ann McLennan.

Thompson had pleaded not guilty to robbing Kessi Nelson of a cellular phone and a quantity of cash amounting to $105,000. The attack was said to have occurred on July 10th and Thompson was allegedly armed with an icepick.

At the conclusion of a short trial, Magistrate McLennan noted that the prosecution had proven its case against Thompson beyond reasonable doubt. As a result, he was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

Thompson had previously pleaded guilty to stealing a cellular phone valued $90,000 from Amifa Mentore on July 10th at Sheriff Street.

Mentore and Thompson had been passengers in a Route 40 minibus, which stopped at the corner of Sheriff and Garnett streets in order for Mentore to exit.

It was after the woman exited that Thompson followed and accosted her, demanding the cellular phone and threatening to kill her. When she refused, Thompson grabbed it and ran south along Sheriff Street. Mentore began to scream and public-spirited citizens gave chase and caught the defendant. The cellular phone was recovered in his possession and he was arrested and taken to the Kitty Police Station, where under caution he admitted to the offence.

The magistrate yesterday noted that both sentences are expected to run concurrently.

Additionally, Magistrate McLennan urged the lad to rehabilitate himself during his stay in jail so that he can positively contribute to society at the end of his jail term.

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