Ramsaran to file motion to have insulting language case thrown out

Former health minister Dr. Bheri Ramsaran, through his lawyers Mursaline Bacchus and Adrian Anamayah indicated to the court yesterday that he is filling a motion in the High Court as it relates to the charges against him.

The minister made his second court appearance in the Whim Magistrate’s Court before presiding Magistrate Charlyn Artiga; he was first charged on July 29. The charge stemmed from the use of insulting language against rights activist Sherlina Nageer. He had pleaded not guilty and was released on his own recognisance.

Bacchus told the court that the motion was to be filed yesterday and it would seek to have the matter thrown out from the court. Anamayah ex-plained to reporters that the motion was being filed on the grounds that prosecution does not have sufficient evidence to proceed with a full trial.

He said the decision to file the motion was based on the evidence presented to the defence by the prosecution.

Nageer attended court yesterday in the company of representatives from Red Thread Organization and blogger Marc Jacobs.

After the hearing was adjourned, Nageer told reporters that she was not aware of the motion and only became aware of it when the lawyer informed the court. She expressed surprise that the magistrate accepted it, though it had not yet been filed.

Ramsaran is accused making use of insulting language to Nageer on April 20, outside the Whim court.

He had gone there to show his support to former head of state Bharrat Jagdeo who was privately charged with making racially divisive statements on March 8 at the Babu John.

Ramsaran is expected to return to court on October 26.


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