Cops beef up presence in Berbice for Christmas

Police in Berbice have intensified their presence at several hotspots in an effort to reduce criminal activities during the Christmas season.

Commander of ‘B’ Division Christopher Griffith, during a press briefing, said they have tightened security in East Berbice-Corentyne, New Amster-dam, Rose Hall and Corriverton, as well as popular areas, such as Rosignol and Bush Lot, Mahaica-Berbice.

During the busy shopping days within the towns, a number of policemen and women along with neighbourhood police are seen patrolling the streets of the busy areas and the GuySuCo pay offices at all the estates.

According to Griffith, apart from foot patrols, the police will be utilising the motorcycle patrols and two mobile patrol units. The Division would also increase marine patrols, roadblocks, raids, and searches along with intelligence gathering. The force would also clamp down on noise nuisance and the sale and use of squibs.

Griffith also pointed out that on Christmas Eve and Old Year’s Day, special arrangements are planned to facilitate the flow of traffic, late shopping and crowd control at a number of locations throughout the Division. It is a norm for many to converge on the road on Christmas Eve and usher in Christmas.

Meanwhile, Griffith said although the force is understaffed, it would be working around the clock to curb criminal activities. He also said it is willing to work with stakeholders to ensure there is a safe and crime-free Christmas.

The Christmas policing programme will run until January 15th, 2016.

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