Woman reprimanded for assault after dousing alleged ‘Peeping Tom’

A South Cummingsburg man was yesterday accused of being a ‘Peeping Tom,’ while the woman he allegedly spied on found herself on an assault charge after she threw a bucket of water on him.

Jason Sobers, 32, and Yolanda Samuels, 33, of Rosemary Lane, South Cummingsburg, were charged with breaching the peace and unlawful assault, respectively.

Jason Sobers
Jason Sobers

According to the prosecution, the offences were committed on November 10th, at Rosemary Lane, South Cummingsburg. It was alleged that on that day, while Samuels was taking a shower, she heard a sound coming from outside her bathroom. When Samuels looked in the direction, she discovered Sobers peeking at her. Samuels then threw a bucket filled with water on the man, the prosecution added.

They were both arrested and charged after the episode was reported to the police.

The prosecution, which had no objections to bail, said Sobers and Samuels are known to each other and have had several matters in court previously. They had been placed on a bond to keep the peace.

Sobers was granted $30,000 bail on the charge of breaching the peace, while Samuels was reprimanded for taking matters into her own hands by throwing a bucket filled with water on Sobers. She was discharged by city magistrate Judy Latchman. Sobers is expected back in court on January 12th, 2016 for his next hearing.

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