Cops probing hijacking of fuel truck on Mabura road

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the hijacking of a fuel truck along the Mabura Road last Saturday.

Commander of ‘E’ Division Calvin Brutus confirmed the hijacking and he said the vehicle was subsequently found hidden in the bushes along the road on Monday.

Nothing was reportedly stolen from the truck, Brutus said, while adding that the vehicle has been returned to its owner, who is a resident of Bartica.

According to Brutus, after a report was made by the driver and porter, who were aboard the truck at the time of the attack, a prompt investigation was launched. He noted that the truck was found hidden along the Mabura Road, some 22 miles from Linden.

Although the statements given by the driver and porter of the truck are conflicting, Brutus said no suspects are in police custody but the police are pursuing every avenue to find clues to identify the persons who were involved in the crime.




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