Surveyors association appoints new executive

The Guyana Association for Professional Surveyors installed its new managerial body on Wednesday at the Herdmanston Lodge, before Minister of State Joseph Harmon.

The officers include President Eric Monize, Vice-President Carol James, Treasurer Tedwyn Roach and Secretary Everson Mckenzie, a Government Information Agency (GINA) report stated.

Minister Harmon described the surveyors as “measurement specialists” as he reiterated the importance of accuracy in their profession, declaring, “…An inch makes a difference; there is and will always have to be boundaries defined.”

The GINA report said he commended them for their work in developing Guyana, and remarked on the integral role they played in the formation of settlements in the country. Additionally, he promised the administration’s support for organisation as it moved forward with land-use policies and strategies in the development of the country.

Among the long standing surveyors who were also awarded for their service to the Guyana, were James Kranenburg, George Chuck-A-Sang, Patrick Woolford and George Matthews.

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