Sand Creek Headmaster dismissed over assault of students

Michael Alfred, the headmaster of the Sand Creek Primary School in Region Nine who was accused of physically assaulting three of his students has been dismissed from the job after admitting to the incident.

This was confirmed by Secretary of the Teaching Service Commission Pulandar Kandhi yesterday. Kandhi was unable to give details but confirmed the dismissal.

Regional Executive Officer of Region Nine Carl Parker told Stabroek News that the teacher was dismissed on November 19th. He said that the reason was the physical assault of three students. “He admitted in writing and also to the Commission,” Parker said. He added that the teacher received his salary “and everything” to which he was entitled.

Stabroek News had reported earlier that the teacher had complained that he was frustrated because there was no accommodation provision for him in the remote community and he was living in the school building. The teacher, who took up the post of Headmaster at the beginning of the school year after being transferred from Potarinau Primary had reportedly admitted to assaulting the students because he was frustrated with his living conditions.

“He was frustrated by the fact that he was made to sleep in the school building. There is a headmaster’s house there but apparently it was not to his liking. Nobody reported it to the regional administration though.

If he was dissatisfied then he should’ve reported it to his immediate supervisor,” Parker had previously said.

It was reported that the headmaster hit two girls and a boy to their heads with a school bell because they were late for school.

The three students were forced to seek medical attention at the Lethem Hospital on October 8, as two of them sustained head injuries. The 10-year-old boy sustained a minor cut to his head while the cut sustained by one of the girls required four stitches.

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