Government appoints 30 to promote Guyana overseas

Minister of State Joseph Harmon yesterday confirmed that government has appointed 30 persons across the Diaspora to promote Guyana, but only after he was questioned by members of the media during the post-Cabinet press briefing.

The appointments were first highlighted by opposition parliamentarian and former attorney general Anil Nandlall during a press briefing earlier yesterday.

Nandlall had stated that he could offer no additional information, but was made aware that the appointments were made. He said the opposition would be interested to know the names of the persons appointed along with any emoluments that were being offered.

He said his information was that most of the persons appointed were from the United States and four were from Canada.

He said the PPP was not opposed to the President appointing advisors, however the party was asking for a transparent process in these appointments.

When Harmon was questioned about the appointments he stated that the persons would not be paid as they were volunteering their time.

He said the 30 persons were given honorary titles. Asked to identify the persons, he said he could not remember their names, nor did he say when that information would be made available. Harmon also did not explain why there was no release of the information when the appointments were made.

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