Ministry monitoring Celina’s pending injunction

The Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MPI) is currently monitoring the Celina’s Atlantic Resort (CAR) as it awaits the possible approval of an injunction it applied for last month to stop all work at the site.

Chief River and Sea Defence Officer Kevin Samad told Stabroek News yesterday that while the MPI waits for the injunction to gain the court’s attention, officers from the ministry frequently visit the area to make sure that no work is done.

For months, the CAR has been ignoring cease work orders issued by the MPI and has been continuing illegal construction on the foreshore.

It only fully ceased all operations when the police arrested four of its workers last month. Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson had stated that the ministry would be launching an investigation into the matter.

Stabroek News had been reporting on the illegal construction that has been going on at the resort for several months.

After cease work orders were issued by the sea defence authority, construction was halted for several weeks and the proprietor of the resort was told he had to submit a proposal that had to be reviewed and approved in order for him to continue.

However, once he submitted the proposal, construction began again without it being approved and subsequent cease orders were ignored.

After it seemed as if the construction was not going to stop, Patterson said he would apply for an injunction from the court that would assist in stopping all construction.

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