Ministry of Communities employs over 300 in Linden and Lethem

Over 300 persons in Linden and Lethem municipalities were recently employed through the Community Infrastructure Improvement Project (CIIP) implemented by the Ministry of Communities.

A press release from the ministry stated that the workers will provide their communities with enhancement services, including cleaning of drains, parapets and burial grounds as well as routine maintenance work.

When introduced in 2014, the then Ministry of Housing and Water (now Ministry of Communities) executed and monitored the CIIP in approximately 55 neighbourhood democratic councils, three municipalities and village councils.

However, the new ministry is limiting its involvement to monitoring and provision of resources, while responsibility for implementation of the project lies with the two municipalities.

Through the CIIP, communities within Linden municipality – Wisroc, Christianburg, Amelia’s Ward, Block 22, Kara Kara, Silvertown and Retrieve – have already benefitted from clean districts as well as provision of employment for many particularly single parent women.

Carlton Beckles, Chairperson of Lethem municipality, indicated that prior to the project being initiated they were unable to hire employees since the municipality does not collet rates.

However, since its implementation the financial responsibility of paying to have parks and cemeteries cleaned has been reduced. He also added that funds assigned for maintenance projects will be utilised for additional works within Lethem.

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