West Demerara police increase presence in commercial areas

‘D’ Division (West Demerara) police have intensified their presence in commercial areas, such as markets, amidst heightened activity during the holiday season.

According to the Divisional Commander Stephen Mansell, the division is divided into four sections between Parika and Wales and each section will be managed by an Inspector, who will be assisted by a Station Sergeant.

This police activity, part of the police force’s annual Christmas plan, began on November 15th and will run until January 16th.

The commander said that the police have since engaged businessmen in the commercial areas and offered guidance and tips to recognise the suspicious actions of persons who may want to be engaged in criminal activities.

In the event of a business person seeing someone acting suspiciously, Mansell said that the business person will then pass the information over to the police who will respond.

There will also be an increase in mobile and foot patrols along with road blocks, he said.

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