US Embassy begins offsite delivery of non-immigrant visas

Beginning on Monday, all approved non-immigrant visa applicants will no longer have to return to the United States Embassy to uplift their approved visas.

According to a statement issued by the US Embassy yesterday, approved applicants will be able to pick-up their passports at the local DHL office, located at 50 E Fifth Street, Alberttown, Georgetown, from Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 9am to 6pm.

“The introduction of this offsite Document Return Service is new to Guyana; however, this service has been implemented at U.S Embassies worldwide as part of the Global Support Strategy for Visa Services.

Visa applicants will benefit from the flexibility the service offers by being able to uplift documents at days and times that are convenient to them,” it said.

At the time of interview, the Embassy explained, the Consular Officer will provide a Visa Delivery Instruction Notice to all approved visa applicants advising the applicant of the pick-up information at the DHL office five (5) business days after the interview.

It noted that applicants 18 years or older must present the Delivery Instruction Notice and their National Identification Card to the DHL office within 30 days of visa approval.

For those applicants who do not have a National ID Card, DHL will request supplemental identification, such as an official driver’s licence with photo or an original birth certificate.

The DHL agent will also review information from the passport or visa to validate the identity of the applicant picking up the documents.

It added that DHL will require the applicant to record his/her name, ID document number, and signature as proof of receipt and visas will only be given to applicants/passport owners.

In the case of applicants who are minors, parents who wish to pick up documents on their children’s behalf must provide proof of their valid relationship by presenting the child’s original birth certificate or adoption decree, with at least one of the parent’s full legal name displayed on the document; and the parent must prove their identity by presenting a national ID card or passport with a matching name on the child’s birth certificate or adoption decree.

Questions about the new DHL document return service, including questions about visa delivery status can be directed to the US Embassy’s Visa Information Service telephone line at 592-225-8732.

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