Four men held after attack on Liverpool businesswoman

About 1000h. today, police say that motor vehicle HC 4442 with four men inside drove up to a grocery shop at Liverpool Village, Corentyne. Two of the men, one of whom had a bag with a long object inside, went into the shop and confronted the 53 year-old businesswoman during which they demanded cash and she was assaulted. She however raised an alarm and the men ran back to the motor vehicle and they fled, police say.

Ranks of a police motor cycle Anti-Crime patrol were informed and other patrols and Police Stations were notified.

Subsequently a police corporal armed with a service shotgun stopped the vehicle outside the Albion Police Station, where the suspect with the bag managed to flee. He was pursued and apprehended by the Police Corporal and an unlicensed sawn off shotgun and 6 cartridges were found in his possession. Meanwhile the other three suspects had driven away in the motor car.

Two of them were later detained in another motor taxi at a police roadblock along the approach to the Berbice River Bridge.

The fourth suspect, who was driving the getaway vehicle, was later arrested by the police at a roadblock at Mahaicony, ECD, after he had driven through one at Weldaad, WCB, the police said.

The four men are in police custody assisting with the investigations.

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