PPP recommits to fighting corruption

In observance of international day against corruption, the PPP has recommitted itself to fighting graft.

A statement from the party follows.

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) joins with the rest of the world in the observance of International Day against Corruption.

The PPP takes the opportunity of the occasion to re-commit itself to the fight against the scourge of corruption and graft and calls on all Guyanese to be vigilant against corruption and corrupt practices which seems to be rearing its ugly head in the country.

Corruption attacks the foundation of democratic institutions by distorting electoral processes, perverting the rule of law and creating unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape whose only reason for existence is to solicit bribes.

One consequence of such an aberration is the stunting of economic development and the overall good and prosperity of the citizenry as a whole.

The PPP join hands with all those who wish to break the corruption chain with the aim of ending poverty and ensure prosperity for all.

The Party from its very inception consistently embraced lean and clean government and espoused zero tolerance for corruption and corrupt practices.

Despite talks about transparency, accountability and due diligence by the APNU-AFC coalition the track record of the Granger administration so far is nothing short of a complete violation of these same transparency norms which they claimed to uphold and defend when in opposition.

The recent violation of tender board procedures in the award of a contract to Fedders Lloyd to construct the Specialty Hospital flies in the face of everything the Ganger administration claim to hold as sacrosanct and inviolate.

Similar infractions in the tendering process were evident in the award of contracts to clean up the city and in the forensic audits which were doled out to known critics of the previous administration no doubt in reward for their strident anti-PPP stance.

The PPP calls on all Guyanese to raise their voices against these acts of corruption which if allowed to continue can reach cancerous proportions.

The deafening silence of some organisations and citizens on these violations of the tendering process has not escaped the attention of the PPP.

In this regard the PPP pledges to so everything in its power to protect the resources of the country from being siphoned off by unscrupulous elements who have access to power and influence.

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