Beacon Foundation celebrating 30th anniversary

-Hospice currently attending to over 80 cancer patients

Charitable organization, the Beacon Foundation is celebrating its 30th anniversary having been founded in December 1985.

A release from the organization on Tuesday also said that it has finally obtained tax exemption status from the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown. It noted that this matter was the subject of a court case brought against the organization by the previous Town Clerk for non-payment of taxes. The case was recently withdrawn. The Foundation said it had previously obtained similar tax-exemption status from the Guyana Revenue Authority and this had enabled it to use all the profits from its food catering operations to fund many charitable programmes over the years and pay the wages of up to 100 employees.

The Beacon Hospice, the Foundation’s primary project at this point, observed its 27th year of operation earlier this year. The release said that there are currently over eighty cancer patients who are attended to in their own homes by three full-time nurses, two of whom were trained at the foremost hospice in the U.K. It said that under the supervision of Hospice Director, Dr Rohan Jabour, the nurses provide medication and nursing care and advice free of charge. Nurses visit patients as far as Wismar, East Bank Essequibo, and Corentyne River, the release added. It said that the Hospice’s regimen of treatment results in almost every terminal cancer patient dying without pain. The Hospice is located in the Guyenterprise Building at Irving and Lance Gibbs Streets, Georgetown, and can be contacted at 657- 9968 and 614-7475. Proceeds from the sale of Beacon Foundation’s Carmichael Street property will be used to finance the Hospice and other charitable programmes for years to come. Nevertheless, the release said that donations from well-wishers are always welcome.

The Foundation noted that it was involved in many successful ventures in the past. It provided daily meals for up to 100 street dwellers, and was involved in a variety of projects such as well-drilling in the North West District and handicraft courses for Amerindian women. Beacon directors are currently considering two educational initiatives that would benefit school children in the Rupununi, the release said.

Although the Foundation has ceased its snackette and catering operations, it has not discontinued its main charitable activities. The release said that the organization’s School Feeding Programme has continued through the years, with the Ann’s Grove Primary School programme. This programme has now been in operation for twenty-seven years. With some help from the private sector, over 200 children in various schools continue to benefit from this initiative on school days.

The release said that the Beacon Foundation was initiated by Doreen de Caires and Clairmont Lye, who continue to serve as directors. Patrick deGroot is the current president, with Vickram Oditt and Dr Rohan Jabour as additional directors.


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