GWI says probing sabotage of ICT network

The Guyana Water Inc says that Chief Executive, Dr. Richard Van West-Charles and the management of GWI have launched an internal investigation following the discovery by GWI ICT personnel of a device which compromised GWI’s ICT network.

A release from GWI today said that on Friday December 4, GWI’s ICT Department received an unusually high amount of complaints from internal users of GWI’s Network at GWI’s Corporate Complex on Vlissengen Road and Church Street, Bel-Air Park, Georgetown.  These complaints varied from reduced connectivity to the complete loss of the network connection.

“Following a scan conducted by the ICT Department a ‘hidden wireless device’ was discovered.  Efforts are presently being made to locate the source of the signal”, the release said.

The release said that the discovery has alarmed Van West-Charles who said that a full investigation will be launched into discovery of the device.

“One can only conclude that this was attempted sabotage by unknown persons who wish to undermine the integrity of GWI’s Internal Network”, stated the Chief Executive.

He added “In fact, I have consistently experienced difficulties connecting to GWI’s Network from my Secretariat since the commencement of my tenure.  I can assure that once the culpable party is identified, full disciplinary action will be enforced.  We cannot allow these attacks within such a vital utility.  We will contact the Guyana Police Force should there be a recurrence”.

The release said that the company’s ICT Department is currently conducting a probe into the discovery of the device and findings are expected to be presented to the Chief Executive and Management of GWI.


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