Cane cutter hospitalised after hit-and-run

A hit-and-run accident at Bolam, East Coast Berbice on Tuesday has left a cane cutter in the Georgetown Public Hospital nursing multiple fractures to his arm and leg.

Dwayne Anthony North, 36, of Bolam, also a sheep farmer, was reportedly hit by a white car bearing licence plate number HC 1209, around midday, on Tuesday, while he attempted to herd his sheep back to safety. North broke his right leg in three places, his left arm in two and dislocated his pelvis bone as a result of the accident.

According to the man, before the accident occurred, he had been at home cooking when he saw his animals on the road. He related that he left his food on the fire and went out into the street to steer the animals back and was in the process of doing so when he was hit by the car.

 Dwayne North at the Georgetown Public Hospital.
Dwayne North at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

“Ah go and ah chasing the sheep dem and two big truck di coming, but I been over on duh one side chasing dem before they come over back in front the trucks dem right. But all I could see is a white 212 in front of me comin’ but I can’t do nutin. All I feel is the car front come round and lash me straight down and pitch me up in the air. When ah drop, I drop on ma face and I calling begging fuh help,” North recounted.

North’s father, Jerry Williams, said that according to information he received, the driver of the vehicle had somehow reached into the corner of the road, where his son had been, killing the two sheep instantly, damaging North’s bicycle, and then hitting him. The injured man said after he was hit by the vehicle, the driver drove away from the scene.

Soon after the accident, bystanders came to his aid and contacted his father. He was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital and then transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he is now receiving treatment.

North revealed to Stabroek News that he was on Wednesday visited by the wife of the driver, but as regards the status of investigations, he cannot say for sure as he is yet to be contacted by police regarding the matter. He did say, however, that information reaching his relatives is that the driver is currently in police custody.

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