Bandit injured in shootout at Grove after robbery

About 0300h. today, the police say that Cheryl Embrack, 50 years, of Grove Housing Scheme, EBD, was entering her home when she was attacked by two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun. The men took her into the house and took away a stereo set and a cell phone.

The police in a release said that while the robbery was in progress residents informed the police who responded and encountered the perpetrators as they were leaving the scene. The release said that the police came under fire and returned fire during which one of the men was shot and injured and an unlicensed .32 pistol with 10 matching rounds was recovered.

The injured man has been identified as Devon Forde, 21 years, of Stevedore Housing Scheme, Georgetown. He has been admitted to the GPHC where he is under guard. His accomplice managed to escape, police said.

Investigations are in progress.


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