Public servants to receive ‘benefit’ – President

Members of the Disciplined Forces, along with all other categories of public servants, can look forward to some sort of bonus from government before the year ends, President David Granger said on Friday last.

When asked, during a recording of the programme, “The Public’s Interest,” if the disciplined services will be paid a bonus this year, Granger told reporters, “All of the public servants will receive some benefit from the government.”

There seems to be skepticism in some quarters as to whether the disciplined forces – the army, the police, fire department and prisons – will get the month salary Christmas bonus which commenced under the Jagdeo administration. This announcement is usually made at the army’s annual Christmas luncheon.

Some had posited that as the new government tries to put the country’s finances in order and in the absence of a proper budget, bonuses might have been withheld this year.


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