Public servants earning less than $500,000 per month to get 50,000 bonus – Ministry

The Government of Guyana will be paying out a year-end bonus to public service employees, who earn less than $500,000 per month, the Ministry of the Presidency said today. This announcement was first mentioned by President David Granger, late last week, during a recording of the television show, The Public Interest.

The release said that in the seven months since the new Administration took Office, public servants earning over $50,000 received between a 15 and six percent salary increase, with those on the lower end of the scale gaining the higher percentage increase. Additionally, the minimum basic salary was increased to $50,000 from $42,703 and those who had still been receiving the older minimum wage of $39,540 were also brought in line.

The Ministry of Finance subsequently issued the following release:

Government announces $50,000.00 tax free payment for Public Sector Workers
The Ministry of Finance wishes to announce that a one off tax free payment of fifty thousand ($50,000.) will be made to all active public sector workers earning less than five hundred thousand dollars($500,000.) monthly.
This payment will be effected in December.
Some 30,700 public sector workers including nurses, teachers, members of the Disciplined Services and semi-autonomous agencies will benefit.

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