Redesigned Merundoi website launched

Merundoi Incorporated yesterday joined with its partners, the Ministry of Social Protection, the Guyana Bible Society and Beharry and Co Limited, to launch its redesigned website.

The redesigned site, which designer Romona Khan explained was created to be more user-friendly and accessible on all platforms, will now allow Merundoi fans to share relevant feedback directly to the page.

“Listeners now have the opportunity to provide feedback and deliver their personal testimonies and experiences via their computers, via their tablets, via their smartphones,” stated Durwin Humphrey, the project manager.

Merundoi officially took up the fight against gender-based violence through its modelling and reinforcement project to combat domestic violence in 2014, after acquiring a grant from the European Union (EU). Humphrey explained that the redesigned page was meant allow the audience the opportunity to be involved in the fight.

“One of the things that we should take note of is that Merundoi, this radio-serial-drama, on air since 2006 has become deeply entrenched in the homes and the vehicles and the workplaces of many Guyanese.

And it is more than just an entertaining piece of drama; Merundoi has come to symbolize the very meaning of its name: hope, strength, stamina and courage—the very things that are necessary for those in this fight against gender-based violence. It is through our redesigned and retooled website that we seek to bring our strong listening audience to the fore-front of this fight against gender-based violence,” he added.

Humphrey also made mention of the group’s plans to launch an app in 2016. Until then, episodes from the radio series can be accessed online at the site,

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