Phone thief jailed for two years

Kevin Harris was yesterday sentenced to two years in jail after he admitted to stealing a phone in a violent attack on a man, whom he claimed owed him money.

Harris, 37, pleaded guilty to a charge of robbery with violence when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in Georgetown.

The court heard that on December 11th, Harris robbed Pertab Mangal of a cellphone, valued at $4,000 and used personal violence during the commission of the crime.

Harris claimed that he knew Mangal very well, having represented him against an individual. He further added that Mangal owed him $25,000 for the representation.

The prosecutor stated that on the day in question, Mangal was walking along Barr Street, when the accused rode up, dealt several slaps to him and demanded valuables. The accused then proceeded to put his hands into Mangal’s pockets and took out the phone. The prosecutor added that Mangal later made a report to the police and assisted in locating Harris. The stolen phone was positively identified after it was recovered from Harris’ crotch during a search by the police.

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