City clean-up campaign worker on bail for unlawful wounding of co-worker

“Watch out!” was the cry heard by a city clean-up campaign worker right before he suffered several chops to the arm.

Dexter Beckles, of 166 Middle Road, La Penitence, sustained several chops to his right arm when he attempted to stop an argument between co-worker Joshua Joseph and another city clean-up campaign worker. According to Prosecutor Deniro Jones, it was after Beckles had turned his back to the defendant that he heard the cry and suffered the chops and was subsequently rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital.

A medical for Beckles’ injury is yet to be obtained.

Joshua Joseph
Joshua Joseph

The incident was said to have occurred on December 3 at High Street, Georgetown.

Joseph, 20, of 68 Laing Avenue, West Ruimveldt pleaded guilty to the charge of unlawfully wounding Beckles, but wanted to offer an explanation.

In his explanation, the accused stated that he knows Beckles quite well since they work together on the clean-up campaign. He added that he was in an argument with another individual when Beckles approached and began to curse him which then escalated resulting in a scuffle. The defendant stated that Beckles drew his cutlass which was in his bicycle in an attempt to chop him but he proceeded to stomp him and broadsided him with his cutlass causing injury to Beckles’s right arm. He claimed that seven other individuals working with them then drew their cutlasses and rakes to attack him. The defendant stated that he ran to the Brickdam Police Station as the seven persons chased him, and was hidden by two female officers before he went through the back door and proceeded home. He added that he was arrested by the police a few days later.

Subsequent to the defendant’s explanation, Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan recorded a not-guilty plea and placed him on $20,000 bail.

Both the defendant and Beckles were placed on a bond to maintain good behaviour. The matter was adjorned to January 15, 2016.

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