Murdered taxi driver’s car recovered at Mahaicony

Police have recovered a car that was stolen from taxi driver Colin Clarke, who was found dead almost two weeks ago.

The car was recovered on Friday at a house located at Perth, Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

On December 3rd, Clarke’s body was found in a trench at Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara, almost a week after he went missing.

Colin Clarke
Colin Clarke

A police source on Tuesday confirmed to Stabroek News that the car was found at a house at Perth, Mahaicony. The owner of the house was asked to keep the car by the prime suspect in Clarke’s murder. The man reportedly left for Suriname but not before stating that he would have been back in a few days.

According to the police source, after time elapsed and the suspect did not return, the owner of the house became suspicious and reported the matter to the police. Police subsequently found the car intact. There were also signs that the Clarke may have fought with his killer/s prior to his death, the source revealed. The home owner was questioned and released while an investigation has been launched to locate the suspect.

Maureen Clarke, Colin’s sister, had told Stabroek News that from the information she received from the police and the marks she saw, the man was strangled with a garrote-type device. “I saw the thing they used too. It was left tangled between his chains,” she had said. She described the object as being rope-like, with two wooden ends.

Clarke was a known driver on the West Demerara and had only started using the car about a month and a half before his death. His relatives had stated that the last time the car was seen was at the Demico outlet at the Stabroek Market but they are unsure whether he was driving it.



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