Inquiry into co-op societies being done – Broomes

The Department of Labour of the Ministry of Social Protection is conducting an inquiry into the country’s cooperative societies to determine their state, a release from GINA said on Wednesday.

Minister within the Ministry of Social Protection, Simona Broomes told GINA that when the Government took office in May it did not find a document stating which co-op societies are functioning or not.

“There is nothing at all that can say, which are the co-ops that are functioning, which are not functioning… So far we have one co-op that was difficult and we had some challenges with, but apart from that we have the inquiry going on to see what is functioning and what is not,” Broomes said.


She noted that the Ministry will also be ascertaining the assets of the co-ops, after which Government will enforce its policies.  The Minister also said that the co-ops department of the Ministry will be completely overhauled.


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