CH&PA defends repossession of core houses

The Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) has defended the repossession of core houses over the breaching of the principles under which they were assigned to low income earners.

A statement yesterday from Minister in the Ministry of Communities, Keith Scott said that the CH&PA is mandated to make these properties available to persons in the low income group. It said that in the cases where letters were dispatched seeking to repossess the houses, the persons who were allocated had breached the agreement that they had signed.

“CHPA has noted recently, evidence of persons who presented information that allowed them to qualify and participate in (the Inter-American Development Bank/ Government of Guyana) programme, sub-letting and in one instance, attempting to sell one of the houses. CHPA was able to stop the sale and revert the property to the Authority”, the statement said. The CHPA said the statement was in response to persons including former Attorney General Anil Nandlall circulating letters pertaining to repossession of core houses.

“CHPA stands committed to using the resources of the State and its energies, to provide housing for citizens, particularly low income groups, and deplores this cheap politicking and deception”, the statement said.

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