DPP advised five charges against cop accused in fatal accident at Linden

More than two weeks after the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) advised the police to lay charges against the officer who allegedly caused the death of Denilson Rose at Linden, he is expected to be slapped with five charges. Family and friends of the 17-year-old Rose stood in a line protesting in front of the DPP’s Chambers at Eve Leary on Thursday, expressing their concerns on the slow approach to justice that the police have been taking. Social activist Mark Benschop, who was present at the protest, went into the DPP’s Chambers and was informed that the files, which included the recommendation to bring five charges against the policeman were sent to the Linden Police Station on December 2. The charges recommended are: causing death by dangerous driving; failure to stop at the scene of an accident; failure to render assistance to a person injured in an accident; driving while the breath alcohol limit exceeds the prescribed limit and the use of an uninsured motor vehicle.

“This is why people continue to have the perception that senior members of the police force are ready to cover up for their colleagues,” Benschop said, reasoning that if the files were indeed sent more than two weeks ago, there should be no excuse why the officer was not yet charged. “The family wants justice,” he added, stating that the officer is still allowed to drive around Linden and carry on with his life while Rose’s family and friends are still grieving at their loss.

Denilson Rose
Denilson Rose

The officer is expected to be charged next week.

Rose was knocked down on October 24 and family members are pleading for justice as no one has been charged. They said on Thursday that when they enquire about the case they are usually met with unclear answers.

Speaking to Stabroek News last week, Elaine Rose, the mother of the deceased, said her son had left the previous day to attend the Mackenzie High School’s sports. The woman, who is a police officer, went to work and returned home around 11.15 pm the same day but did not find her son at home. She said she did not worry since it was customary that he would be out late. According to Rose, she eventually fell asleep and was awakened later when two young men, who appeared to have known Denilson, visited her home and informed her that he was lying in a pool of blood on Washer Pond Road. She added that she immediately rushed to the scene, where she saw his body. A post-mortem examination had revealed he died as a result of multiple injuries sustained.

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