National Tourism Policy to be finalised end of January – Hughes

Minister of Tourism Cathy Hughes says that the National Tourism Policy will be finalised by the close of January 2016.

In a recent interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA) she said that an analytical and organised study of the local tourism industry will be conducted with emphasis on the development and effective marketing of Guyana’s ecotourism.

The policy will focus on legislation and regulations on tourism investment, incentives and concessions, marketing, product development, human resource development, infrastructure, aviation, sustainability and best practices.

Niche markets will also be launched and promoted as studies have shown Guyana possesses a competitive advantage in this area and necessary systems for the expansion of private businesses will also be implemented.

Hughes said that the study will be used to inform some packages they intend to market as a genuine eco-tourism experience. “When you are marketing Guyana on an international market….. it is very important for us to identify ourselves as South America… it’s the magnificence of the Amazon, its huge river, it’s the beautiful Essequibo, the Demerara, dark waters, creek waters. That is the vision.”

The minister also identified crime and ineffective time management in the public service as some challenges impacting the sector. However, she was relieved that the issue of accumulation and indiscriminate dumping of garbage is currently being addressed through the recent “Restore Guyana’ campaign.

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