Potable water for some residents of 67,68 villages

The Guyana Water Inc (GWI) is to install distribution networks for customers residing in sections of Number 67 and 68 Villages, East Berbice who have been without water service for the past six years.

Dr Richard Van West-Charles  (left) and Divisional Manager Jim Ramjug (GWI photo)
Dr Richard Van West-Charles (left) and Divisional Manager Jim Ramjug (GWI photo)
Residents who gathered (GWI photo)
Residents who gathered (GWI photo)

A GWI release yesterday said that in excess of 40 households will benefit from the new initiative by GWI Chief Executive, Dr. Richard Van West-Charles.

The Chief Executive, accompanied by members of GWI’s Management Team, attended a meeting at Number 68 Village, East Berbice on Wednesday, organized by representatives of the areas without water service.  Residents indicated their willingness to assist the utility with starting the process.

According to the GWI release, Van West-Charles presented a proposal which involved each resident registering as a GWI customer and signing up for a payment plan.  The plan would enable residents to pay for the new service connections and the installation of the distribution network in small, affordable portions.

“We are aware of your financial challenges,” stated the GWI Chief Executive, ‘”if everyone agrees, each resident would be allowed to pay for the installation of the service in small, flexible amounts”.

Community representatives unanimously indicated their approval and were invited to visit the GWI Customer Services location at Springlands to commence the process.  Infrastructural works for the new distribution network are expected to commence in December 2015.  “Safe, affordable water service is the right of every citizen,” stated Van West-Charles, ”We will continue to work with communities, country-wide to ensure this is a reality for every Guyanese”.



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