Serial knife robber jailed on four charges

A Linden mechanic yesterday pleaded guilty to four of five counts of robbery under arms and was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment following his admission of guilt.

Devon Wilson, 22, of 103 Blueberry Hill, Wismar, Linden, was yesterday arraigned on five counts of robbery under arms where a knife was used in the process.

All of the robberies occurred in the Queenstown area and women were the targets in every occurrence.

Devon Wilson
Devon Wilson

Wilson admitted that on December 8 in Queenstown, Georgetown, he robbed Maylene Fernandes at knife point of $58,000 in items, inclusive of her handbag, Samsung Galaxy cellphone, $11,000, a wallet and a cellphone case and during the process of, before, or after the robbery used personal violence against her.

On December 10, in Queenstown, while being armed with a knife, he robbed Yaw Edwards of an LG cellphone, a bag, $5,000 and a gold ring valued, all valued $74,000.

On December 15, at Queenstown, armed with a knife, he robbed Tamara Mangar of a handbag, cellphone and $7,000, total value $76,500.

And on the same day at Laluni Street, Queenstown, also armed with a knife, he robbed Sahodra Mohammed of a handbag, cellphone and a pair of spectacles, all valued at $43,000.

He denied robbing Chandralopa Paddy of a handbag, two cellphones, a phone charger, a purse and perfume all valued at $272,000 on December 17, at Georgetown, while being armed with a knife.

Wilson, when he had the chance to speak, accepted his responsibility for the four charges he had pleaded guilty to, denying knowledge of the fifth charge. He pleaded with the court to exercise lenience, explaining that he had committed the acts to help his mother, who was “in the pressure” at the moment.

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan sentenced Wilson to three years’ imprisonment on the four charges of robbery under arms to which he pleaded guilty, all of which will run concurrently.

Wilson will return to court for trial regarding the fifth charge on January 18. He will make an appearance before Magistrate Dylon Bess in Court 6.

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