Three homeless after fire guts North Ruimveldt house

A fire, believed to have been started by a child who was playing with matches, gutted a North Ruimveldt home around midday yesterday leaving three persons homeless.

Stabroek News understands that the fire started around 12:00 hrs at the Lot 3785 Upper North Ruimveldt Squatting Area home. The house was jointly owned by two brothers, Calvin and Ronald Prince. No one else was home at the time of the blaze and losses were estimated to be in the millions, since the house was fully furnished.

Calvin said he was sleeping in the upper flat of his father’s house, which is located opposite, when he was awakened by a nephew who informed him that the house was on fire. “He come and wake me up from my sleep and tell me about the house on fire and that is one of my six-year-old nephew light a mattress in the house,” Calvin said.

The North Ruimveldt Georgetown house ablaze (Photo by Calvin Prince)
The North Ruimveldt Georgetown house ablaze (Photo by Calvin Prince)

He added that he immediately rushed outside to see what was transpiring and found the entire one flat wooden building almost completely engulfed in flames. He said he was unable to ascertain whether the act was indeed committed by his nephew since the child denied it when questioned.

When this newspaper arrived on the scene, persons had gathered to get a glimpse of the gutted house. Fire fighters, who were praised for their prompt response, had already put out the fire.

One neighbour, Natasha (only name given) said she was in her house carrying out her regular chores when she heard loud screams of “fire”. She said she quickly grabbed a bucket, filled it with water and rushed to assist when the fire tender arrived.

Calvin said since it is the Christmas season, his brother, sister and nephew were full in preparation mode. They will now be forced to seek shelter at a relative’s home until arrangements are made to reconstruct or otherwise.

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