Man dies after he and wife charged with attempting to murder each other

On December 17, 2015, the police say that Harrichand Mahadeo, 45 years, and his wife Gaitree Lakeram, 46 years, of Truli Island, Essequibo River, were involved in an argument during which they inflicted wounds on each other, the police say.

Gaitree Lakeram was treated and sent away while Harrichand Mahadeo was hospitalized.

Legal advice was subsequently obtained in the matter and both of them were later charged with attempted murder, the police say.

Harrichand Mahadeo took his own discharge from hospital on Sunday December 20, 2015, and went back home.

They appeared in court at Charity yesterday where they were placed on $100,000 bail each, but remained in custody as they were unable to raise the bail.

Harrichand Mahadeo later complained of feeling unwell and was taken to the Suddie Hospital where he succumbed during this morning, the police said.

Further investigations are in progress.

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