Guard dies in Goedverwagting crash

A guard attached to Massy Security died yesterday and several other persons were injured after a Route 44 minibus that was travelling to Georgetown reportedly toppled before slamming into a private car on the Goedverwagting Public Road, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

Dead is Leslyn Patricia Joseph, 45, of Craig, East Bank Demerara (EBD) who died on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH). The names and injuries of the other persons were not known up to press time.

The accident occurred around 2:30 PM yesterday. According to reports, the driver of the pit-bull minibus was heading to Georgetown at a fast rate when he lost control causing the bus to topple. It was during this process that the bus collided with a white Toyota Premio car. The minibus was said to be transporting twelve passengers including the driver and conductor at the time of the accident and Mitchell was in the seat behind the driver.

Dead: Leslyn Patricia Mitchell
Dead: Leslyn Patricia Mitchell

Godfrey King, husband of Mitchell and who is a security guard of the GPH, said he last spoke with his wife before retiring for bed yesterday afternoon to take a short nap since he is on the late shift. The teary-eyed man said, “I tell she must wake me up 5’o clock because I got to go work and when the phone ring I thought was her but it was somebody telling me to come to the hospital my wife get in an accident.” King said he immediately rushed out of the house and was taken to Accident & Emergency Unit (A&EU) where he saw her lying on a bed with her entire face smashed in. “When I see she I couldn’t even believe was her and the doctors told me they did everything they could have to save her”, King said.

At the hospital up to late last evening, a number of relatives of the deceased woman gathered as the news of her death spread.

Her daughter, Diana Henry said that it will be a dark Christmas for not only her but her entire family circle since they had so many plans that are now all shattered. Instead of celebrating she said they will be grieving. Henry related that she spoke with her mother at about midday yesterday when they made arrangements to gather at her house today to finish off the holiday preparations.

Mitchell who was described as a very loving and kind person leaves to mourn her three children and other relatives. A post-mortem examination is to be done.

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