Helpless after accident, Brian Devine spending Christmas in hospital

It is almost a year since Brian Devine suffered severe injuries after being hit by an out-of-control car that claimed the life of his best friend and this Christmas will be unlike any other he has celebrated as he is still hospitalised.

Devine was struck by an out-of-control car on New Year’s Day at Cemetery Road. It also hit his best friend George Baker killing him on the spot and left a woman nursing injuries. The driver, Roger Bess has since been slapped with five charges, including causing death by dangerous driving, and released on $200,000 bail.

Devine suffered a number of injuries including broken legs, ribs, a fractured neck, a broken hip, head injuries and a damaged eye, and since that unfortunate day, he has been in the hospital confined to a bed not much wider than his tiny frame. The effects of the accident left him immobile, thus there is not much for him to do during the day save for forming conversations with the patients he shares a room with or await visits from family and friends.

20151224Brian DevineRecently, he demonstrated to Stabroek News how he tries to exercise his arms and legs daily, barely succeeding in moving the limp limbs.

He expressed how terrible the pain can be, explaining that the daily care offered by the nurses is unbearable. Devine also said he has developed bed sores on his back.

An attempt to change his quickly diving mood and prompt the man to reveal hopefully happy memories of Christmases past, led to him reminiscing on the good old days spent with a former girlfriend.

Devine spoke of the Trinidadian woman who he remembers spending the season with at some point. He said the two would stay in and save the festivities for New Years. There was a glint in his eyes as he spoke fondly of the woman, who he revealed, had rather expensive taste.

“She’s cost me money, she like go Pegasus, Tower, Horizon, Belvedere…” he said. However, he added, the woman returned to Trinidad.

Questioned about whether his family would be spending Christmas with him this year, he quickly responded in the affirmative. Devine’s nieces visit regularly and take him food.

Aside from his obvious pain and discomfort, the injured man said if he were to see the driver of the vehicle who is responsible for the state he is in, he would not be able to do anything because he has a soft heart.

His only concern, he said, is that the man never once made any move to visit the hospital or offer assistance in providing him with medical care.

Devine could not say much about the status of the court matter but a phone call to his nieces Donna Waldron and Nadia Devine revealed that Bess’ trial is still ongoing and will resume in January.

Nadia explained that Bess is being tried for causing the death of Baker. She expressed frustration that she only recently learnt from the case prosecutor that he would be facing no charges for the injuries caused to her uncle.

Both nieces spoke of the steadily declining state Devine is in and said they tried ceaselessly to gain him entry into nursing homes but have been turned down again and again. They explained that because of Devine’s physical state and the fact that he is on bedrest and requires constant medical care, the homes are reluctant to offer him admittance.




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