Muslims join rest of world in promoting peace

Muslims, in an effort to promote peace, gathered at the Anna Catherina Islamic Centre on Sunday in an event themed “International Mawlid in the City.”

The event is held in over 100 cities around the world and is viewed as upholding the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed, by presenting the positive message of Islam, GINA said.

The Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green applauded Muslims for the efforts they have made in trying to make Guyanese live in harmony.

Green stated that “what is happening this year is simply fashioned in one word ‘opportunities,’ and the Islamic community and indeed all religions should seize these new occasions”, GINA said.

Green said that around the world today there is a “misunderstanding” of Islam.

He pointed out that in every group there are good and bad and that there have been too many generations of ignorance. “We have got to learn from our mistakes, so that our young people with that knowledge will avoid past mistakes,” Green related to the gathering.

Hakeem Khan, President General of the Anna Catherina Islamic Centre, said that Muslims should not be seen as extremists as presented by mainstream media.

Khan said that Guyana can be an example to other countries on how to integrate, strengthen ties and live together as one community.

“We are here to let everyone know the true basis of Islam, its real values, its principles, its way of life based on pluralism, democratic principles, faith and mutual respect,” Khan stated, according to GINA.

Khan also called for all citizens to work hand-in-hand for the good of the Guyanese society.


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