Christmas cheer at Night Shelter

Demerara Tobacco Company Limited (Demtoco) on December 17th spread Christmas cheer at the Night Shelter at La Penitence.

20151225nightshelter1CEO of Demtoco, Maurlaine Argyle-Kirton was on hand along with employees of the company.

In her remarks she said “Demtoco, bringing Christmas Cheers to the Night Shelter is one of the many ways we have chosen to meet the needs of those who are unfortunately unable to provide for themselves, especially at the this time.

“I must remind you of how fortunate you are to be in this Shelter as there are others who have to make their homes along the roadway or on the parapet. The capacity of this Shelter can only accommodate a limited number, and I take this opportunity to express thanks to the Ministry of Social Protection; who is currently working on a project to provide more and better facilities for all those who are in need of a shelter.”

Minister of Social Protection, Volda Lawrence was also in attendance.

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