Suspect in murder of Corentyne money changer flees to Trinidad

- cops seek Interpol help

The prime suspect in the killing of Corentyne money changer Mohamed Fizal Mamood Baksh has fled the jurisdiction and is believed to be in Trinidad and Tobago.

This was confirmed by Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum, who informed Stabroek News yesterday that the police have contacted Interpol asking for assistance in locating the suspect.

Mohamed Fizal Baksh
Mohamed Fizal Baksh

Baksh, 56, called ‘Sugar Cake’ of Lot 5 Grant 1780 Crabwood Creek went missing after he left his house sometime around 8.10 am on December 21 to change some currency at Number 65 Village.

On Thursday morning, his family’s worst fears were confirmed when his body was found on the foreshore at Number 63 Village, Corentyne. An autopsy gave the cause of death as haemorrhage and shock due to a fractured skull.

Kevin Budhoo
Kevin Budhoo

Baksh’s brother Mohammed Jaboor Baksh, had told Stabroek News that around 4 pm on Monday, his brother’s wife started to get worried after he did not return home at the usual time.

The brother explained that Baksh left home for his usual daily routine when a man identified as Kevin Budhoo, who normally sold next to him, called him and told him about two foreigners who has some currency to change.

With that, the money changer went to Number 65 village with the intention of doing business since Budhoo had reportedly been calling him since the previous Saturday to carry out the transaction.

When he did not return after some time elapsed, his wife called friends and family to find out where her husband was but got no positive response. She reportedly called Budhoo, who informed her that they were in Rose Hall and would be home shortly.

However, hours passed and further calls to Budhoo went unanswered. A police officer called Budhoo and summoned him to the station the following morning but he did not show up, although he kept telling Baksh’s wife via phone calls he would be there shortly.



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