Bare Root man stabbed to death

-15-year-old held

A Bare Root man died yesterday after he was stabbed to his neck and head by a 15-year-old boy after he confronted the youth about items that were stolen from his home.

According to a police press release, Kevon George, 28, of Bare Root, East Coast Demerara, was involved in an argument and was subsequently stabbed to his throat. He was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The suspect was then arrested and is currently in police custody assisting with the investigation.

“I was outside watching and the boy was passing and my nephew stop him and he said `wha happen to the rest of my things’”, Kevin George, Kevon’s twin brother told Stabroek News yesterday. He said that the 15-year-old who stabbed his brother had previously broken into their home and stolen several items.

Kevon George
Kevon George

“I don’t understand how it reach to all of this because he used to help us do things before and is only since the break and enter that he stop coming over here,” Kevin said, stating that they were made aware that it was the boy who broke into their homes and stole the items after his father called and returned some of the items to his nephew. “He had a computer, a tinting machine, and some other things and the father only returned the tint machine so that’s what Clifton [Kevin’s nephew] was asking he for outside,” Kevin added, stating that after the confrontation the boy said to Clifton, “I break and enter the (expletive) house what ya’ll gone do about it,” and walked away.

Kevin explained that at the moment of the first confrontation, Kevon was inside his room and was aware of what was going on. “He just come out and jump on he bicycle and seh he going up the road and then sometime later we get a call saying he get stab up,” Kevin said, recalling the traumatic moment of holding his twin brother’s bleeding body in his hands. “I see the couple wounds in he neck and he was trying to talk but he couldn’t. The blood was just pouring out and I try to stop it but I couldn’t,” he added.

According to an eyewitness, George was riding along the roadway where he saw the boy and confronted him about returning the stolen items. “They just start argue and I ain’t know how the thing escalate so far or that the boy even had a knife on he,” the person said, stating that after a little tug and push between George and the boy, he pulled a knife from his waist and dealt several stabs to George. “It was fast. He stab he fast and he [George] just fall to the ground and start bleeding bad, bad, bad and the boy run away,” the eyewitness added, stating that after George fell to the ground they alerted his family.

Stabroek News was made to understand that while the boy fled the scene, he returned home and was turned into the police by his father.





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