Gold refinery opens in Suriname

(De Ware Tijd) Zanderij – Now that the Kaloti Mint House has become operational, Suriname has secured a leading role in the gold industry in the region. When Suriname learned of plans by the Dubai firm to open a regional establishment, it used all its influence to get the subsidiary here. President and founder of Kaloti Precious Metals, Munir-al Kaloti, in his speech emphasized the position Suriname has been propelled to with the local Kaloti establishment. The entrepreneur expressed his gratitude to president Bouterse for the confidence in the company and opportunity to invest in Suriname. President Bouterse, who was represented by vice-president Robert Ameerali, had received the first gold tablet refined in Suriname earlier.
Sigmund Proeve, director of the De Surinaamsche Bank, said that Suriname was not the first choice of the Dubai company, but Central Bank governor, Gillmore Hoefdraad, used his skills to convince the investor to settle here.
Currently Suriname exports 40 tons of gold annually and refining will only boost the value, yielding more revenues for the government. Kaloti assured that when the firm is fully operational it can refine up to 60 tons of gold a year.
The state-of-the-art refinery is one of its kind in South America. The investors predicts a golden future and hopes for closer ties with the Surinamese authorities and further modernization of the monetary policies and the economy.
Vice-president Ameerali said that the Kaloti investment proves Suriname is open to foreign investors. The company is both a boon to the country as to other international investors.

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